Our Indian and International recruitment procedure comprises of:

Pre Screening Candidates:

First we source some candidates who could potentially match with employer’s specific need, which enables us to obtain the main relevant information related to the candidate’s career path and to know if they could be interested in potential opportunities. The candidates screened in this part are called for interview with all their certificates and documents.

Detailed Interview:

Our HR consultant contacts to the candidate for a full interview along with technical experts. Once a CV is received from a candidate acquisition consultant, a face to face or video conference interview is carried out in order to discuss the candidate’s skills and expectations. The interview may comprise of two or three tier depending on the position of the job.

Afterwards, verification of documents are done and if satisfied, the CV, documents and certificates and the relevant information gathered are sent to the HR manager for approval.

Client Manager Review:

The Client Manager approves submission. A Client Manager is highly specialized with at least 10 years of experience. The Client Manager is responsible for reviewing the candidates’ resume and the information that have been collected by the candidate acquisition consultant and the consultant. Based on this, s/he then decides whether or not to proceed with the candidate’s application to the client. Another interview can be carried out if s/he feels the need to have further information.


The candidate’s CV and the review are then sent to the client. If the client shows interest in interviewing the candidate, the HR manager organizes a date for an interview and provides the candidate with a comprehensive preparation brief. The HR manager follows the candidate throughout the recruitment process, providing sound advice and strong guidance.

  1. Identifying the hiring need

We try to figure out the exact need of our client by consulting with them and figure out the type of expertise needed to smoothen their process and hire people from the exact relevant criteria.

  1. Planning

We have designed a pragmatic framework that is result oriented and caters to the most complex demands of our client. We figure out the workforce solution of our client’s problem in this phase and plan it to the most effective level.

  1. Searching

We search for the relevant expertise who are desired for the different levels in the planned workforce.

  1. Identifying Viable Candidates

A list of suitable candidates are screened with respect to their skills, industry experience and academic backgrounds.

  1. Recruiting of A-Level Candidates

Among those screened candidates we find the finest by Telephonic interview and Face-to-Face interviewing. We finalize them by their on spot presentation of trade specific skill.

  1. Technical Round

A trade specific technical round is also there to check the soundness of technical background.

  1. Offering of Employment

The selected candidates are offered employment letters. Their salaries and joining dates are negotiated and after that final appointment letters are dispatched