Our company’s head office is located in New Delhi, India. We provide easy access to the best mix of talents through a widespread network of offices and recruiting associates operating in metros, two and three tier cities and small towns of India. In addition, we have made international tie-ups to tap talent in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, Philippines and other South-Asian countries.

Our state-of-the-art server network keeps track of nationwide database of professionals of all grades, starting from top to low level management professionals and general workforce for various industries.

Our Associate Offices:

  •   Delhi
  •   Kolkata
  •   Chennai
  •   Bangaluru
  •   Calicut
  •   Jaipur
  •   Sikar
  •   Ahmedabad
  •   Hyderabad
  •   Goa
  •   Bhubaneswar
  •   Vadodara
  •   Patna